EVER Sampling & Drop Box Tips

EVER Skincare Lending Kit & Sampling Tips

Here are a couple of ways to share EVER in addition to scheduling casual 1 on 1 30 minute appointments (over coffee or a glass of wine), in home or online socials, and by personally reaching out via phone, Facebook, or email.

There are plenty of people that will try EVER because of our amazing 45 day empty bottle guarantee! Others will be much more inclined to fall in love after trying EVER. We all know that EVER is amazing and a truly transformative product – one that has the power to impress and even convert diehard fans of other XYZ skincare lines – EVER’s that good! The key is to get EVER in as many hands as possible.

Some of you are even Specialists now because someone let you try the products first or gave you a few samples. It doesn't matter how you do it, just continually let people try EVER and your business will flourish!

Be Strategic with Samples or Lending Kits

Your time and products are valuable, so really think strategically when lending EVER or sending samples. Be selective who you give them to and ask them if they are interested first!

Target EVER demographics:
30’s – 60’s with a little disposable income, or teens. Also people that are passionate about products, wellness, or are just “connectors” (who are social and know a lot of people in town.)

Beyond your circle, you can offer to send a few samples to top EVER customers or “connectors” who may know 2 girlfriends that would love the line (work friends, close friends, family, etc). Let them know you are building your EVER business and ask if they know a few people that might love trying the line. (Of course if they are local you can always do an in home social for them too!)

There are 2 ways to lend or give out EVER Samples:

1 Loaner or “Drop Box” kit to Selectively Lend

A loaner or drop box kit is strategically dropping off extra regimen to trustworthy friends to try for 2 or 3 nights tops. Then schedule a time to pick up or meet so you can follow up to hear what they think.

2 Create EVER Samples

Take the 10 by 10 Challenge!
Selectively give out 10 EVER Samples to 10 people by the 10th of this month! Do this consistently each month (and follow up), and see how your business grows!

Samples are super easy to make in batches, (it takes 20-30 minutes tops), and you can pop them in your purse (or work bag) and selectively give them out to people as you see them, or easily pop them in a mailing envelope for out of town friends or family.

With this sort of business, you have to invest a little back beyond your personal regimen for testing or display purposes if you want your business to grow and flourish, which = FREE product and extra $$$ for you!! (For example: It's no different than if you were a hairstylist/makeup artist, you wouldn't be using your personal hairbrush or lipstick on clients, for obvious reasons! J You’d need something beyond that for them to appropriately sample or try. The same goes for us!)

Keep it Simple and Doable!

Skincare can be really personal for women. So sampling is really more about introducing them to EVER and building the relationship with a small “appetizer” than it is about just making a quick sale.

You don’t need to give out the full regimen in samples to see success. Start small with 2-3 days worth of 2 or 3 products, such as the Revive eye cream, 2 Reveal peel pads, a sample of the Smooth Lip Treatment, or the Luminous cleansing balm – you pick! Any of these can easily make 20-30 samples. Again they don’t need the full regimen – we have our fabulous 45 day $ back guarantee for that, you are only giving them an introduction to the line.

Video from Mary Claire Haver on her Samples - https://www.facebook.com/mary.haver/videos/10208315760838588/

Examples of where to Purchase Containers and Labels:

Cosmetic jars for purchase on Amazon - http://amzn.to/1p4dhs8

5/8 Glass dram bottles to use for sampling the Overnight Facial Oil - http://amzn.to/1Lc3xWE
(The oil can leak in the cosmetic jars, so the dram bottles work better. This will easily hold 4-5 nights worth.)

The Round Avery 5408 Labels will fit perfectly on the Cosmetic jars above!
You can easily print them out yourself, or through http://www.Avery.com

Things to Include with Your Samples or Loaner Kit:

Add a short handwritten note, a recent press collage picture, directions on how to use the samples, a business card, a chocolate truffle or mint, a catalog, and that’s it! (See the files on our FB group page for more details on those.)

The FORTUNE is in the FOLLOW UP!

We are professionals, so make sure to follow up in 4-7 days to see what they think. It’s not being salesy or icky to ask what they think… because EVER is new, you DO genuinely want to hear feedback! J

EVER Sample Pictures

Make them in batches and have them ready to go at the first of every month so you have 10 new people to connect with. New customers (+ aiming for a Power Seller bonus) will also help keep you earning the highest commission).

Examples of Words to Say:

Feel free to add your own personality and flair or write your own. J

Text for loaning regimen:

Hi Anne, hope you're having a great week! Wanted to let you know that I have an extra EVER skincare tester regimen. Happy to let you try it out for a few days to see what you think of it. I've been really impressed with the line and would love to hear your feedback as we are brand new in the US! Let me know and I can drop off to you.

XO April


When you pick up the loaner regimen

Thanks so much for testing out EVER’s new line for me! So I’m dying to hear… what were your favorites?! [Listen]

We have an amazing 45 day $ back guarantee to try the line and it ships to you in about 3-4 days. Is there anything you are interested in trying [or think your skin needs right now?] I’d be happy to place an order for you.

Message for selectively giving out samples:

SAMPLE TIPS: Keep it simple!! Start small and just give out a lip treatment sample, Luminous Cleanser, and Lifting Eye crème. These 3 go a long way and can easily make 25+ samples. Think of samples as an appetizer… an introduction to EVER’s line!

Hi Kaitlyn, Happy Monday! I thought of you because I have a couple of extra EVER skincare samples. It’s the new high performance (and award winning) botanical skincare line from Stella & Dot! There are a couple of things I think you might love, and I always appreciate hearing feedback since we are brand new! Let me know if you’d like to try them for me and I can drop them off to you [or pop them in the mail for you.]

Talk to you soon! XO ~ April


Kaitlyn, Happy Friday! Thanks so much for trying out EVER’s new line for me! I’m dying to hear what you thought of it!

Hand written Message to Include with Samples (or a Loaner Regimen):

Hi Beth,

Here are the fabulous EVER skincare samples I promised! These are a few of my personal favorites and best sellers - the XX has absolutely transformed my skin [or was just featured in XX magazine] – think you’ll love it! Can't wait to hear what you think!

Thanks again and have a glowing day! J

XO ~ April