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October 16, 2015

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Follow Friday

The Gooru (@thegooglegooru) is a wealth of knowledge about Google Apps. If you are interested in knowing all the coolest tips and tricks for using Google, he is your guy. The video tip below is one of his creations. You can sign up for a daily newsletter from him too by visiting his web site

Another really good follow is Amy Mayer. I got to meet her last year at a Google event in Austin and she has some really great stuff. You can find her blog at friEdTechnology.com and follow her on Twitter at @friEdTechnology . On her blog you can even sign up to subscribe to her email list. Lots of ways to keep up with her!

ISTE Standard of the Week

This is our last week to look at standard 1 of the ISTE standards for students.

Standard 1 is all about Creativity and innovation, and states "Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology." Today we are going to look at part of that standard which says students will be able to "identify trends and forecast possibilities"

Have you noticed that these standards don't speak about students learning how to use any specific tools? The concepts are bigger than that- basically all that Bloom's Taxonomy stuff you learned years ago, but they need to know how they can use current tools to do those things.

Digital Learning Best Practice- Logging Out!

We are having a HUGE problem with kids staying logged in to Google accounts on their iPads. This leaves everything they own in Google open for anyone to access (or destroy). Please encourage your kiddos to logout of their Google accounts!!!

Google Classroom- Next Steps

Are you wanting to do even more with Google classroom? Well, it does have its limitations (that's where Moodle steps in) but there are a lot of things Classroom can do that you don't know about. Check out the following posts from the Gooru (see Follow Friday above) to add some tricks to your toolbox!

Everything You Need to Know About Google Classroom- Part 1

Everything You Need to Know About Google Classroom- Part 2

Tip of the Week- Voice Typing in Google

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just speak out loud what you want to type and then the text would magically appear? Maybe you have students who struggle with writing but can speak aloud their thoughts (anyone have a dyslexic student?) Check out Google Voice Typing. Open a Google doc, and go to Tools> Google Voice Typing. Yes, you have to have a microphone plugged in (if you have an Aver doc cam, it has a microphone so you are all set!). click the mic button and talk. that is all you have to do. Super easy, and it is in Google. What more do I need to say?!

Send All Your Students to the Same Web Site With Two Clicks

Another Gem from Gooru. See? Follow him! If you have your kids in classroom and they are all on a device, you can use a new Chrome Extension to send all your students directly to a specific web site. As in, make it magically open on their device. Yeah. Check out more info here.