Warren Middle School

Go Warriors!


Band is all about teamwork and becoming more talented on your chosen instrument. It may be expensive and take up a lot of your time, but it actually helps you with the following classes: math, history, reading, etc. It is frustrating, however; it teaches you about determination. It also gets you on a schedule, keeps you organized and is injury-free.


When you play football it helps you become healthy and strong. Because there is a possibility of injuries, people think it is more dangerous than other sports but every sport has a risk of injury. Football gives you a sense of teamwork; also it keeps you fit and keeps your metabolism fast. In addition it gives you goals to fulfill and teaches you respect for others.


It may be hard and tiring but it will keep you active and help you stay healthy. The longer you participate in track, the faster and stronger athlete you will become. Other benefits include: reliving stress, encouraging competition, and prevent disease.

Chess Club

Do you like to strategize? Do you like to think things through and like to plan? Then, you could be an all-star in the Chess Club. To some it may seem confusing and boring, but for others that enjoy competition, it can be exciting. It also teaches you about sportsmanship and tactics.


Choir is a way to help you grow as a singer. To become a performer and if you need to get over stage fright or public speaking, then join choir. It can be frustrating and a lot of work, but it really is worth it. Also it can develop your ability to do well in math and history.