Mrs. Lyons' Class

First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

What's Happening in Week 17! {December 8th-12th}

It's starting to look like Christmastime at Grace. Our classroom tree is decorated with gingerbread cookies, Christmas artwork is everywhere, and doors are decorated! We voted on a name for our classroom elf and the kids love coming in to see where Scott is each day! I want to thank all of my parents and students who send in treats, sweet notes, cards, and gifts! It's a wonderful blessing to be thought of! I really love all of my kids and appreciate and keep each and very item! You all are so wonderfully kind. Thank you!

First Grade Christmas Service Project

I would like to partner up with 2nd Grade's service project this year. If you would like to participate, please let your child bring a bag of dog food, cat food, or treats to be donated to the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter on Well Rd. in West Monroe. A small bag that will fit inside your child's backpack will be greatly appreciated. This is a very difficult time for the animals and they could use your support. I will donate to this cause as well. We will put these under our class tree and will donate to the shelter before Christmas. Click on the link below if you would like to bring one of these sweet babies home for Christmas!
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Dates to Remember:

December 16th- Frozen Field Trip

December 18th: Christmas Program at 6:00 in the Church. Students should arrive at 5:30 in their classroom and should wear dressy Christmas clothing.

December 19th: Christmas Party ~ Pancakes and Pajamas. NOON dismissal

This Week in Math:

Complete Chapter 7: Plane and Solid Shapes

Math Journals: December activities

Excel Lessons #59-63

Math Facts: 5 minute drills

Math Centers: Skill of the week

Thursday: Start Ch. 8

Click on the link below to play review games or use the eGlossary .

Math Chapter 7 Test:

Draw a line to match the words rectangle, square, circle, triangle to the correct picture.

Identify how given objects are alike. (Ex: shape, color, size)

Write the number of sides and corners for a rectangle and a circle.

Identify a solid with 2 faces, all faces, and those that roll.

Science ~ Two Week Unit

Calling All Caribou!! We will continue learning all about caribou with our non-fiction close reading, games, reports, and group work.

Vocabulary: migrate, herd, antlers, hoof, tundra, predator.

Activities: All About Caribou Booklet Report, Caribou Details, Caribou True/False Test review

Social Studies December Unit

Last week our friend Scott sent us a package from Germany! We learned about Germany traditions and of Tante's tradition of baking gingerbread cookies and putting them on the tree for the children in the village. We made Gingerbread "cookies" and hung them on our tree.This week we will be learning about the Christmas traditions of two more surprise countries and will place pins on our map.

Tests: December

Math- Chapter 7- December 10th

Science- Caribou - December 12th

Social Studies- Performance Grade

Photos From Santa's Spy Field Trip

December Crafts and Activities

Can Food Drive Update

Our can food drive was such a success! My homeroom brought in 700 cans and we had 100% participation! Thank you so much! As promised, I matched the largest single donation of 128 cans!! 1st and 2nd place winners received a gift card and everyone with 10 & 20 cans donated will be getting their free ice cream ticket and free dress pass ticket from Ms. Lynn before Christmas break. We are patiently waiting to hear if we won the class party! Thanks again!