My Room and Sonnet to lost friend

By Brianna and Jaylin

Rhyme Scheme

For the poem "My Room" it's Free Verse and for "Sonnet to a lost friend" it's ABAB

Repetition/ figurative language

My Room

  • drying into a myth- Metaphor
  • even though the corners of my posters wilt like a losing team- Simile
  • The dust on the self blankets my books-Metaphor
  • there is only me in this space encircling me like a tight embrace-Simile
Sonnet to a lost friend
  • I thought you'd always be like the shadow on my ceiling at night- Simile
  • I crawl beneath the electric blanket humming like bee-Simile
  • Now my days are darker than the nights-Metaphor
  • Chatter- Onomatopoeia


The poem "My room" there are 7 stanzas and in "Sonnet to a lost friend" there are 4 stanzaa

Poem's Meanings

Sonnet to a lost friend

theme is that sometimes you need friends to be there for you. theme you should live your life how you want.