Mal on Sale

By Jake Auch

Description of Mals' Looks!

Mal looks like the troublemaker at school.He may look like a bad guy,but you can have a dangerous time with. Appearances can be deceiving,but not for mal,he is exactly what you think...bad. He can be a risky friend to have.He looks his best when he is most wicked.

Explanation of What Mal Can Do for You!

Mal is a prefix that means bad.Some words with Mal are:malicious,malfunction,maladroit,malpractice,and malevolence.These words are all related to bad or poor,he could take you on these perilous ways. Mal can turn practice,a good thing,into malpractice,a bad thing.Mal can bring your dark side out and help you have jeopardizing times,which can help you with your bucket list.

Mal's Story of Prankness!

When Mal was little,he loved to play pranks, one time the prank was recognized by all.He was famous for it. One day,a teacher walked in through ffffffìthe classroom door,he was doused by a bucket of water.he exclaimed,"What is g—WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!He suddenly slipped on marbles and fell on the ground—with syrup on it.The teacher unleashed his anger,"Who did th—RAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!"5 gallons of sour milk was poured on him. He just walked out of the classroom,quit his job,and worked as a janitor.Mal sat there laughing and laughing. Janitor Burd(ex–teacher)cleaned up the mess made,but he never knew who did it.You can have fun,risky,and hilarious times with Mal.Buy this prefix and unleash happiness and danger!

Buy Mal!!!

All teenagers want Mal!He is never mundane,take John's word for it,"I got Mal two days ago and the suspenseful times never end!Don't you deserve a good life?Mal is like Pandora's Box,but when you open it,the good,fun,and perilous times begin!