Minion Camp

Information and registration

Try our new minion camp !

This Minion camp is where we learn how to become a group and get out of your comfort zone and learn and see what fun activities we will have as minions, that's right Gru has decided to let us borrow a few minions to show what they do on a daily basis.

Minion Camp info

Friday, July 25th, 11am-6pm

15029 E Poplar Ave

Hacienda Heights, CA

if you have any further questions please RSVP at 1 (800)-MINION

Also for age limit 5-9

Times and Events

11:00-11:45 Sign ups

11:46-12:15 Group assignments

12:16-1:00 Lunch and mini activities

1:01-2:00 Activities and group games

2:01- 4:45 Minion know how

4:46- 6:00 Despicable me movie

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Minions Song - YMCA - Despicable me 2