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Tips on Keeping Dentures in Good Shape

It is important to take good care of your dentures in order to maintain good oral health and function for the life of your dentures. Dental professionals recommend you to pay careful attention to cleaning dentures to remove plaque and stains, just as you would with natural teeth, to avoid issues which can be associated with dentures which are not well maintained. Lots of articles on dental education are available online that can help you in getting more information on dentures.

Cleaning your dentures on a regular basis doesn’t just keep them in perfect condition, it provides you with a confident, gleaming smile. You may think that having the ideal smile is not possible once you have lost your natural teeth, however a well made set of dentures, which are kept in tip top condition will enhance the natural features of your face and keep you smiling.

Wearing dentures which are not cleaned regularly may cause oral health issues which may also prove to be extremely costly. It’s vital to remain diligent with your denture maintenance right from the start to minimize the accumulation of plaque and stains over time. If there are stains which are difficult to remove, you local denture clinic can clean and polish your dentures for you.

The following ideas will give you some guidelines to follow to maintain your dentures in tip top condition:

1. Clean your dentures thoroughly at least twice a day. If possible rinse your mouth and dentures after each meal.

2. Always take your dentures out of your mouth to clean them.

3. When cleaning dentures, always hold the denture securely to avoid dropping them. (They can be slippery when wet and soapy)

4. Clean your dentures over a basin filled with water or place a face washer in the sink to avoid breakages if they slip from your hands.

5 Use warm soapy water. Never use hot water or toothpaste as it is more abrasive than soap. It can create micro scratches on the surface of the denture which will attract bacteria. Other solutions like bleach and vinegar are not recommended.

6. Use a soft denture brush to remove food particles, making sure to clean all surfaces. A hard brush will abrade the surface and dull the shine.

7. After brushing, rinse your dentures well under running water to remove all traces of soap.

8. Brush you gums, palate and tongue to stimulate circulation and maintain the health of your oral tissues.

9. Always take your dentures out at night to allow your gums to relax and rejuvenate.

10. Place your dentures in water overnight.

The importance of keeping your denture clean cannot be overstated. Well maintained dentures will assist in preventing the accumulation of plaque and stains and associated oral health issues.

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