Desalination Plant

Facts of Situation

- it will generate 150 billion litres of additional water each year - a third of Melbourne's annual water supply

- It will be the largest plant of its kind in Australia.

- estimated to cost over 3 billion.

-requires 90 mega watts of power a year.

Potential Economic Benifets of the project

A lot more water will be produced for Melbourne. This increase in water supplies will make Melbourne drought free.

  • up to 4750 full-time equivalent jobs during construction
  • 150 full-time equivalent jobs during operation
  • $1 billion economic boost to Victoria during construction
  • Increased spending in local areas by the construction workforce.
  • Possible Environment Concerns

    The amount of greenhouse emitions that will be produced from the construction and use of the desalination plant will be masive. Climate change appears to be reducing rainfall and the amount of carbon emitions that are released in this project may contribute to reduced rainfall.

    The pollution of chemicals of salt may ruin animals habitats and way of life