Starters Q4 Book Project

By Shaylyn Schaepe

Book Jacket

Parents? Gone.
House? Gone.
Everything she's ever known? Gone.
All except for the last thing she has, her brother. Will she be able to save him by letting someone else use her body?


Quote one- "When Hawks cry, time to fly."
Quote two- "He held onto me, "Really?" He whispered his voice cracking, Promise?"
Quote three- "No one ever complained about a fat brain?"
Quote Four- "Falling apart wasn't an option."
Quote Five- "It's just the beginning."


The theme of this book is "Do anything and everything for the greater good"
The reason behind this is Callie always seems to try and do the right thing for the better. This is also a major reasoning because Callie always seems to come through and believe in others even when she doesn't believe in herself. She shows how brave she can be without knowing how brave she really is.

Symbolism and Roles

When Callie visits Prime Destination's for the first time it represents her role as a big sister that would do anything to save her brother. The symbol comes later in the book when Callie isn't really what they said they were. The symbol of this book happens to be a quote from her father "When hawks cry, time to fly." Because no matter her situation she always seems to come back to this. The symbolism is how Callie shows she is brave and continues to be herself and save others while trying to save herself in the process. So this means the symbolism used was kindness, because she always shows others how to be kind and brave in difficult situations.

Aha Moment!

Aha Moment- This is the moment a character finally realizes something
Aha Moment's in Starter's- The Aha Moment in this book is when Callie finally realizes Prime is bad, She also realizes that her crush was really just an old ender, and also when she realizes if she doesn't get money soon her brother will die.
This is important to the story because it is when Callie and Helena begin building a relationship

Word's of The Wiser

Word's of The Wiser- This is when another character gives words of wisdom
Word's of The Wiser in Starter's- When Helena gives information on how Prime is bad. When Michael tells Callie that she shouldn't go, and when Her father tells her the secret code.
This is important in the story because Callie and Helena are building their relationship.

Tough Question's

Tough Question- When a character asks themselves a difficult question that they must think about.
Tough Question's in this book- When Callie asks herself if she should trust Helena,when Callie has to believe if it is her father talking to her or not, and when Her brother asks her when she will come back.
This is important in the book because Callie finally begins to trust.

Tic Tac Toe #1

No one can be trusted. Like in the beginning, except now I know there is always a knew beginning. Prime has made me see that none can be trusted, not even I can trust myself. Prime has put me through too much pain and I can no longer bare. I am Callie Winterhill and this is my goodbye.

Tic Tac Toe #2

Starters by Lissa Price

Tic Tac Toe #3

My favorite three pages of this book just happen to be that last pages. In these pages everything happens so suddenly and calm but then it just leaves you on a cliff hanger making you want more.