Three People Who Changed the World

By: Daisy Gonzalez, Kayla Soto, and Steven DaLaRosa


Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and Martin Luther King Jr. will do anything to grant African Americans and slaves Civil Rights


1. In the story of Three People Who Change the World on paragraph 8 it states, " Tubman continues to strive for civil rights even after slavery was abolish, working on behalf of woman and former slaves."

2. In the Story of Three People Who Change the World on paragraph 11 and 12 it states, " In 1847, Douglass started to publishing The North Star, a newspaper that championed the rights of free blacks, slaves, and woman. Douglass never stopped working for civil rights. During the Civil War, he urged President Abraham Lincoln to abolish slavery. After the war, Douglass spoke out for rights of former slaves."

3. In the story of Three people who Changed the World on paragraph 16 it states, " In 1957, martin Luther King organized the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to oppose racial segregation. The SCLC advocated non-violent but direct protest. It organized marches, demonstrations, and boycott. These disrupted segregated businesses and forced them to grant more rights to African Americans."


1) Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass were born raised in Maryland as slaves and they both also escaped to freedom.

2) All these leaders did not just fight for civil rights but to abolish slavery.

3) Harriet Tubman used the Underground Railroad to help over 300 slaves to the North so they can be able to have civil rights and freedom.