Spiny Dogfish Shark Digital Poster

By Allie Labbe


  • First Dorsal Fin
  • Second Dorsal Fin
  • Caudal fin
  • Pelvic Fin
  • Gill slits
  • Snout
  • Claspers
  • Pectoral fin
  • Lateral line


  • Kidney: balances salt and water and eliminates toxic waste
  • Heart: pumps blood throughout the shark's body
  • Gall Bladder: stores bile from the liver
  • Liver: holds nutrients and oil that give the shark balance
  • Pancreas: digestive gland that produces hormones and enzymes to helpbreak down fats and carbs in stomach
  • Small intestine: absorbs nutrients from food
  • Large intestine: absorb water and transmit waste from the body
  • Stomach: stores meals until digestion begins
  • Esophagus: guides food down from the mouth to the stomach
  • Rectum: stores waste
  • Claspers: male structure that is used to transport semen into the female's cloaca
  • Lateral Line: structure that has a system of sense organs to hunt down other organisms and movement
  • Gills: structure that takes in oxygen from water and exchanges carbon dioxide


Habitat: Found in cold or warm, temperate oceans along the shore. Can be found in estuaries as well.

Life Span: ranges from 25-100 years


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Chondrichthyes

Order: Squaliformes

Family: Squalidae

Genus: Squalus acanthias

Species: Squalus acanthias