Circuit Building Reflection

Jason Dao - TEJ2O0

What did you do?

In this class we have been working on circuit building, we built 6 circuits depending on schematic's that we were given. The Circuits were easy from the start then thru more of the schematic's the challenges got harder and harder and ended up being a really fun, hand's on course.

What did you Learn?

What i learned from this course was how much it takes for a simple red L.E.D. to turn on, how a breadboard works, and how much time and effort it takes to make a circuit work perfectly.

What did you enjoy?

I enjoyed the excitement of building the circuit and turning it on waiting and seeing it the circuit was correct or if it was not correct. Also i enjoyed being able to understand the material of the work and helping out my peers around me and seeing them smile like i did.

If you had to repeat the project over, what, if anything, would you change?

If i had to repeat this project i think i would manage my time wisely so i could finish my circuits, then i would go help my peers that are in need of help but, I would also practice cutting wires and striping 5mm of the insulator, and also be more aware with my tools and be careful with the sharp tools.

For a better understanding of making wires