The World Needs Play

There are so many reasons why play is important....

Play is important for the well-being of children, teens and adults alike. In fact is very important for society as a whole.

A World Without Play

"A world that understands and supports children's play is a world that is likely to be healthier, more vital more alive and happier than a world without play."

"During play children are able to experience real emotions, create their own uncertainty and adapt to a wide variety of situations."

Free Play for Children, Teens is Vital to Social Development

Social play counteracts tendencies toward selfishness and promotes concern for feelings and well-being of others. This creates a more empathetic community. Living in social groups has helped humans to survive for thousands of years.

Importance of Play for Kids, Tweens, and Teens

During play kids can figure out their limitations and take risks. Movement causes messages to be sent to the brain and activate areas that are key to neurological organization.