Persuasive Smore

Should Students have to wear uniforms ?


No i think wearing school uniforms isn't right because we should wear what we want to express yourself and your character.

5 Reasons why we should not wear uniforms.

1. I believe we should be able to make our own decisions of what we want to wear and how we want to look.

2. Uniforms can affect ones self image can cause bullying and stress on students.

3. Uniforms can actually attract bully's and can cause low self of esteem.

4. Uniforms are boring they make everyone look the same and i feel like being unique is better than being like everyone else.

5. Uniforms can be uncomfortable and make you feel like you dont belong.

Ugly Uniform no one would love to wear

Counter Argument

Why should we wear uniforms

We should wear uniforms cause it can lead us to less stress and waking up in the morning and trying to find something to wear is stressful and it can make our parents pay less money for clothes than when we buy uniforms we wear that all year. Wearing uniforms look organized and makes everyone look like a team and a good professional school and neat school.


Uniforms had made me feel comfortable and make me feel unique and i am able to expose my self how i want too and make everyone feel how they want to and make them feel like they are want they want to be .