Owl Moon

By Jane Yolen


A little girl and her dad go owling, that means they went looking for owls. This is the first time her dad has ever taken her owling. It's a special time in her life.


The little girl and her dad start out at home very early in the morning before the sun rises and the moon is high. They leave their house and head towards the woods. They seem to spend hours hiking through the cold, crunchy snow. The have to walk quietly in the snow and try not to make a sound. They don't want to scare the owls away.

Problem and Solution

The little girl is so excited that she is old enough that she and her dad are going owling together, but starts to get disappointed and feel really cold out in the snow. She try's to stay warm by blowing into her mittens. But the night gets cold and long and there is no owl in sight! She listens to her dad hoot and hoot. But nothing! Her dad tells her to keep very quiet and patient. FINALLY, they hear an own in the distance. It gets closer and closer! Until finally, the owl swoops over and the little girl is in the shadow of the owl's wings. It's the most exciting thing! All it took was some patience!