Miss America Pageant Party 2016

Our special day is coming soon!

As always...

Special gifts and exciting activities and await!

Miss America Party 2016

Sunday, Sep. 13th, 10:15pm

Miss Congeniality 2013's Home, Anne Compton

What to bring:
  • a "favorite thing" gift for each of us 7 total-8 if you want to include you!
  • $10 for the "scholarship winnings"
  • Miss Congeniality 2015, Cheri, bring the MIss Congeniality trophy! (Be sure to sign the base)
  • a beverage of your choice-Papa Murphy's will be provided:)
  • Please RSVP regrets only!:)

Agenda for the Evening

6:45 Meet at Anne's (THANK YOU Anne!!)

7:00 Seat in seat for the competitive ladies who want to watch the pregame!

7:30 Announcements

8:00 Miss America Pageant begins-have a pen ready!

*Favorite Things gifts throughout commercial breaks!!

9:58 2016 Miss America Crowning

10:00 Miss Congeniality Announcement Winner

10:01 Miss America Prizes (traveling earrings, scholarship money, and crown jump drive!)

What to Wear

Your crown pin! (Attach to a place where we cannot see it!)

*****This will be a game for later!