Latin America project


Background info

Capital of Suriname is Paramaribo and 2 cities are wageningen and appera


Suriname was controlled by the Netherlands but Suriname gained its independence in November 25,1975. It is no longer controlled by another country

Geographical info

Suriname is in South America and some physical features are Guiana,rainforest, and the Suriname river


Suriname has a constitutional government and their leader is desire bouterse,

This country is on good terms with the U.S. and they work together and have a system called the cbsi

Economic trade

Their currency is Surinamese dollars and they import cars, poultry, sodium, and big vehicles


Suriname exports cocain and they export it to the U.S., Africa ,and europe

Tourist info

People should visit my country to see the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul in paramaribo.

They should also see the coppename river.