Canadian School System

By: Avery Johnson, Eric Amond, Ross Cox, and Wally Clooney


Wow, look at that Canadian, he's so smart, thanks to the great Canadian school system. Canada's education system is one of many that are better than the United States's. Canadian students score better on international tests than the United States. While there are many reasons the Canadian school system is better than the United States', here are some of the reasons why.

Cost of Education By Wally Cuny

The cost of education is Canada is pretty cheap compared to US costs for private school being around 5K. Canadian enrollment fee "over the past 38 years this indicator reached a maximum value of 72.52 in 2009 and a minimum value of 39.69 in 1971"(1,Index). And on to the topic of University, Canada is also at a lower price with a average tuition cost of 17K, when America averages from $25,000 to $30,000 roughly a year(1,CBS). So cost of education in the US compared to Canada is way more expensive and Canadian schools are a lot cheaper.


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How Many School Days Each Year- Ross

Canada usually has 190 days of school each year, the same as the US, except Quebec who usually has 180 school says per year. The school year begins right after labour day in September and ends in the end of June, usually the last Friday of June. Quebec ends just before June 24th, which is the provincial holiday. (1,Education in Canada) Canada usually gets about 2-3 months of summer vacation depending on what province you go to school in. (3, Summer Vacation)

Canadian Graduation and Dropout Rates- Avery

Canada has a graduation rate of 80.5%. They are in 20th as far as world grad. rate rankings go for high school. Canada has a dropout rate of 7.8%. Their graduation rate is lower than Americas by 4.5%. However, their dropout rate is lower than America by 5.8%. Their dropout rate being better than ours shadows the fact that their graduation rate is lower by 1.3%.

Grading System in Canada, Eric Amond

Canada's grading system uses a variation of the common A through F based on percentages, which is used throughout the world. While their grading system stays the same, it varies for different provinces. ( Grading System in Canada) .The most common scale of the system is 100 to 90 equals an A+, 89 to 85 is an A, 84 to 80 is an A-, 79 to 75 is a B+, 74 to 70 is a B, 69 to 65 is a B-, 64 to 60 is a C, 59 to 55 is a C-, 54 to 50 is a D, and anything under a 49 percent is an F ( Jabbour). This is one of the reasons that they are one of the best countries in the world on international tests.

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The Canadian school system is by far better than the United States'. In the Canadien school distirict, it's cheaper to go to school in, you're more likely to graduate, the school year is not too long, and it's easier to get a good grade. This information can be useful if your looking to move somewhere where there is a good school system for your children.