Ribbon Types and Sizes

Brooke Conni


Has a rigid feel, used mostly for hair bows (least used ribbon)
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Satin/ Silk

smooth and shiny, used mostly for bouquets at weddings.
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Kind of see through, Used for everyday arrangements
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Curling Ribbon

Thin common ribbon that curls when you slide scissors down it, used on balloons and mums
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See through ribbon you would see on a tutu, used mostly for prom
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See through ribbon with wire running down the sides, used on greenery during christmas
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looks like a feed sack, used for wreaths and decorations
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thin soft ribbon used for bows and during holidays
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most common ribbon, has a crunchy feel used for homecoming and bows
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Size Chart

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#1- 1/4 inch

#3- 5/8 inch

#5- 7/8 inch

#9- 1 1/2 inches

#40- 3 inches

#100- 4 inches