Oedipus the King Character Map

By Isaias Pride

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  • Sophocles who was born in Colonus, Greece
  • Sophocles was born into a wealthy family
  • His dad provided him with an education
  • Died at the age 92
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  • Laius is the grandson of Cadmus
  • Laius was married to Jocasta and is the real father of Oedipus
  • He was the a king
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Oracle Of Apollo

  • Oracle of Apollo is an area we it predicts things
  • He told Laius that his son was going to kill him
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  • Jocasta is the wife of Laius king
  • she gave her son away and married her son

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  • Corinth is a place
  • Corinth is home to king King Polybus and Queen Merope
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King Polybus

  • King Polybus is the king of Corinth
  • He is the father of Oedipus
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Queen Merope

  • She is the queen of corinth
  • She is the mother of Oedipus
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  • Oedipus is the son to the king and queen of Corinth
  • He marries his mother and killed is original father
  • Oedipus was given away from his original parents
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  • It attacked the city
  • Oedipus killed it by solving the riddle
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Antigone and Ismene

  • They are Oedipus daughters
  • they mother is oedipus is mother
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Eteocles and Polynices

  • they were the sons Oedipus
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  • Is the brother of Oedipus
  • He has to go to the Apollo