Mrs. Burns' Kindergarten

Weekly Wrap-Up

Guidance with Ms. Pszenny

Our school counselor, Ms. Pszenny, visited our classroom this week to do a lesson on manners. She began by playing a "Monster Manners" game. Each "monster" suggested an "Above the Line Behavior (such as sharing), a Below the Line behavior (such as Interrupting) or a Bottom Line behavior (like hitting). The children participated in placing each monster in the proper place. This can be a helpful and quick tool to validate good behavior and point out areas to be improved. Ms. Pszenny will be visiting our classroom twice a month to do guidance lessons with the children.

Dino Day!

Today, Friday, was "Dinosaur Day" in Kindergarten! Your children had a morning filled with Dinosaur activities. They stayed with their color teams as they rotated through 5 different Dinosaur exploration centers...

1) Paleontologist Dig- The children investigated some REAL dinosaur fossils. They were able to touch a REAL Velociraptor tooth, Spinosaurus teeth, and a Megladon tooth. They then uncovered a thigh bone from a Ankylosaurus. It was huge!

2) Fossils - We used flour, salt, and water to make dough. We then imprinted toy dinosaurs and plants to make fossils.

3) T-Rex Footprint- The children measured the actual size of a T-Rex footprint. They first estimated and then used their shoes to measure how many shoes long a T-Rex footprint is.

4) ____-asaurus Hats- We made headbands with your child's "dinosaur name" on them. For example, Mrs. Burns would be a "Burns-asaurus"! :) Feel free to call your child by their "Dinosaur Name" today!

5) Chocolate Chip Cookie Excavation- The children pretended to be paleontologists. But, instead of excavating dinosaur bones, they excavated chocolate chips. They used different tools to carefully extract the chocolate chips from the cookie.

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Writers Workshop

We have begun being busy writers in Kindergarten this week. During Writer's workshop your children are busy writing about their favorite things, what they love to do, and moments from their lives . We have been reading lots of books written for different purposes. We have learned that authors write to entertain, to tell a true story, to share their likes and dislikes, to teach us something and more!

In the beginning of Kindergarten, the children are ALL busy writing on their own level and know that they can write in any of these three ways...

1) Draw a picture 2) Label their picture 3) Write a sentence (or more!).

During Writer's Workshop I am looking for our little writers to be...

- Drawing pictures that have characters, settings, and actions.

- Labeling their pictures by writing the sounds they hear (putting a "s" next to sun, or "cld" next to a cloud).

- Beginning to write simple sentences... spelling "cat" with a "k" in Kindergarten is perfect! Phonemic spelling should look something like this... "I wnt to mi basbol gam. I hit the bol rile far." for "I went to my baseball game. I hit the ball really far." This is fabulous writing!!

We are also busy writing across all of our subject areas! They are doing an amazing job!