Tamarac Elementary Library News

September 16, 2016

Character Education Lessons

I will be taking a week each month to teach Character Education class in the library. This coming week, I will focus on SMART. Students will be working together to learn more about it and how they can help others to follow the SMART behaviors.

If you were hoping to work collaboratively this week, let's look at my schedule for a time I could possible come work with you and your class right in your classroom.

Books to Library in the mornings

Please send your library books down to the library in the morning on your library day. This allows Jeanne to check all of them in before she heads over to the high school. Let your student helpers know if you would like the bin or basket brought back to class at the time of drop off, or if we should hold on to it until your class comes. Thanks!

Open Library

We have created a second time slot for open library, where students are welcome to come down and exchange books. We are open from the start of school until 9:15 each morning and from 3:00-3:15 in the afternoon. Please encourage students to come during those times only. Jeanne is in the high school for the middle part of our day and I am with classes, so I am unable to help students or check them out. Thank you for your cooperation!