Essential Questions PD

Specialty Teachers- Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our Essential Question for this PD:

How can teachers use essential questions to drive their instruction?


- Reflect on the video "Start with an Essential Question" (be ready to share your observations)

- Is it an essential question or not? activity

- Examples of essential questions

- Brainstorm- ways to use essential questions in your classroom (link to student forms)

- Classroom projects- winter and spring

Preparing for our PD:

To prepare for our PD on Thursday, please watch the Teaching Channel video below titled "Start with an Essential Question."

Be ready to share at our PD meeting:

1. An idea from the video that you liked or connected with.

2. How might the unit you are currently teaching be different if you began it with an essential question? What might the question be?

Mike Rettberg: Start with an Essential Question
Link to student reflection forms:
More information about essential questions (including essential questions handouts we will look at together):

Classroom Projects (fall/ spring)


fall: pumpkins

spring: 5 senses


fall/ spring: weather, continents


fall: restaurants

spring: zoos


fall: trains and railroads

spring: parks


fall: western regions

spring: regions across the USA


fall: California regions

spring: ?


fall: natural disasters

spring: international conflicts