Civil War

1861 to 1865

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slave auction (Netties trip south)

March 2 1859

Last day they made me jump 2 timeses. then they sold me just like is was a bag o flour. and after the auction there be a little girl with peoples staring at er with gross face. and there be 2 kids standing with her. and they were just standing there like nothin had happend lookin round . pretendin they werent related. after dat I never saw the girl agin

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birds eye veiw

in the middle right bottom there are the tobacco fields and the cotton the right bottom corner there is the blacksmith workshop therein the middle bottom is the slave owners house in the top the giant building is the slavebreaker's house in the bottom right corner the slave quarters is there then in the middle left the laundromat is there.

Interview w/ Frederick Douglass

I am sitting here on the night of march 22 1893 with Frederick Douglass in his own home with questions in hand. Now, if you DON'T know who Mr.Douglass is he was an african american slave but he escaped on the night of september third 1838 and was the save that learned to read and WON against his slavebreaker when he returned from leaving the plantation but he returned. NOW into the interview.

1st question: What chores did you have to do?

Oh lot of things we gathered eggs, cleaned lamps,filled oil lanterns, cook, fill barrels and wash dishes.

2nd question what foods did you eat?

We ate things like pork, yams, watermelon , bread, and sweet potatoes.


3rd question we are now getting into deeper questions. What was one of your WORST beatings? When I stumbled out of the barn and couldn't get up so h beat me with a whip mercilessly and repeatedly.

4th question: what was it like knowing you were the only child learning how to


It felt good. But when master made me stop reading I was pretty upset.

5th question: how many times were you whipped?

WAY too many times. Probably around 150 200 times.

6th question When did you escape?

I escaped on september 3 1838.

7th question What was it like when you escaped?

It was the greatest feeling EVER!

8th question what was childhood like?

Very hard. Covey beat me senseless all day long. Mom was sold and I only had grandma.

Who taught you to read?

Sophia Auld master Auld's wife.

Did you like reading?

No. I LOVED reading it was my favourite hobby as a child.

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william lloyd garrison biography

William lloyd garrison was born in 1805 on december 10. 1 interesting fact is that he served a 7 week jail term. Some accomplishments see that he was in the anti slavery society. Also, he published the liberator (a weekly newspaper about anti slavery). Finally in 1829 he gave his first speech against slavery. Significant life events are things like: he edited NBP free press paper failed went to boston to edit the npa. Another thing is that he traveled throughout northern us to make small attacks. Finally, they placed a rope around his neck and FORCED him to parade in the street.
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journal (trip north)

Dear journal,

Today I had gone to the slave quarters because I had heard that my family is very ill at the moment so I visited them and spent the day there. The next day I went to work in the fields and thought about running away but I decided to spend another day with my family and told them about my plan to try and escape. Then as I heard footsteps then horses then galloping- I knew that was my chance to escape. It was a rushing feeling I heard several shouts then I ran for my life, legs pumping arms thrashing to escape and I passed a cottage with several slaves I knew an they payed no notice. Then as i found a camping spot I fell asleep and in the morning, I found the north and I crossed safely and was finally the free person I always wanted to be.

Battle of Gettysburg

Dear mom and dad,

Today at Gettysburg there is a big battle going on and it is pretty bad. Also, almost the ENTIRE LEFT FLANK was almost completely wiped out because of Robert E. Lee! Day 2. Today a simple demonstration of how to fire because we had our left flank wiped out and 1 guy picked up pretty quick and shot a confederate soldier on PURPOSE and put us all in danger. Day 3 the battle is over. After the final tally, there were about 160,000 PEOPLE DEAD!!! 7000 confederates and 90,000 union. And after all, we won.