Adobe Spark Video Challenge

Whenever you create, SHARE! Whenever you learn, TEACH!

All About Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video lets students combine pictures, text and audio to create professional-looking videos. It's now also web-based and content syncs across devices!

Your Task!

  • Open the app or go to Title your story and choose “Tell What Happened.” Tap “Pick this One." Tap “photo” and add a picture from your camera roll. Tap and Hold Record button, telling us about your summer vacation.
  • Tap on second slide (bottom of screen), add an icon or a photo of something you did on your summer vacation, and record narration. Continue with additional slides.
  • When complete, tap on play button in bottom left hand corner to view finished product. Share or save to camera roll when done.

Here's how teachers are using Adobe Spark Video!

  • Intro video for a new teacher or new lesson
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Book Reports