the gift witch and wizard

by kayla conger


whit and wisty allgood and on the run from the one the one is a man with powers that is trying to take over the world and whit and wisty have to take him down but they first have to larn to control of their own powers. whit is a wizard and wisty is a witch. they hve to larn to the hard way to do things because their mom and dad did not tell them about magic and what they are so they must larn.

list of characters

whit allgood- wizard wisty big brother. loves celia's+

wisty allgood- witch whit little sister

celia's-whit girlfriend dies in the begins is a light one

lost ones- lost souls in shadow land vary danagerous

the one- bad guy he took whits and wisty mom and dad

mom- mother of whit and wisty allgood

dad- father of whit and wisty algood

byron swain- he dad is working with the one he is in love with wisty allgood

the resistarce- fighting agastin the one

margo- wisty best friend dies saving her

drummer boy- works with the one wusty falls in love with him the he betrays her. she hates him now.

character analsisfor wisty allgood

trait 1: protective

she runs and freks out when her brother is being hrut and fight to saves his life and is successful.

trait 2 : getting mad and truning in to a flamball in the middle of a crowd

Quote from the character: '' so ar you here to tell me he can't be stoped'' i say '' thpical grown up stuff give it a rest, get real, stop fighting for nothing.'


family: whit and wisty stay together no matter what is going on with the outside world. they protect one another no matter what and the trust each other in any situation they are in and believe in each other no matter what happens to them.

important event

whit and wisty get to see their mom and dad but find out the one is draining them of their magic and life force. but then whit and wisty escape with the help of Byron swain after he tells wisty he loves her to the death.


to young adults who like coming of age and supernatural books who don't care what the pace of the book is.