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Speakit! -New Chrome Extension added

SpeakIt is a great reading extension. Highlight text from a website and SpeakIt will read the text to you. Highlight text from a google doc and Speakit will read the text to you. This is a great extension for struggling readers or anyone who wants to have text read to them. You will see the icon for Speakit to the right of the Omni Bar in Chrome! Once you highlight your text and click on the speakit icon, you will see the icon below. Click the button to start and pause as you read. It will read in up to 50 languages. If you need any help with this let me know!
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Turkey Tales Writing Activity- K-2

Teachers this is a cute writing activity you can do with your students. You will need to download the Free Hand Turkey App on your devices. Here is the blog post that tells all about it. I love the app it is adorable. Turkey Tales Blog Post with instructions. Let me know if you need any help, you could do some app smashing with this using Tellagami or Chattepix!
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Google Tone

Have you ever needed to send your students a link on the chromebooks and couldn't. Here is a quick way you can do that by using Google Tone. Want to give it a try? Let me know I will come to your classroom and demo it!

Google Tone turns on your computer's microphone (while the extension is on). Google Tone temporarily stores a URL on Google’s servers and uses your computer's speakers and microphone to send it to nearby computers connected to the Internet. Any computer within earshot that also has the Google Tone extension installed and turned on can receive a Google Tone notification. The notification will display the URL along with your Google Profile name and picture.

To receive a URL with Google Tone, Chrome needs to keep your microphone on. Google Tone may not work in loud spaces, over a distance, with a poor Internet connection, or on computers without a microphone or with a microphone incapable of detecting sound broadcast by Google Tone.

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