Peter the Great

Emperor of Russia

He ruled Russia from 1682-1725

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Personality and Hobbies:

-not highly educated

-very curious

-travels to Western Europe to learn culture, technology, and government of the West

-became the most absolute monarch in Europe

Physical Features:

-tall (7 ft)



Accomplishments and Policies

-changes and strengthens military

-created a navy

-brings back Western Europeans to help Westernize Russia

-forces nobles to dress more Western

-reorganizes the government

-forces men to shave beards

-establishes academies for math and science

-strengthened serfdom

-did not tolerate resistance' guards rebelled and Peter slaughtered thousands of them and left their rotting bodies outside the palace to send a message

Russian Expansion

-expanded Russian borders to eventually make Russia the World's biggest country

-expanded through Siberia into Alaska

The Great Northern War

-1700 he goes to War against the Swedes and is embarrassed by losing

-1709 he invades again, defeats Swedes, gains land to build St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

-built by Peter the Great

-brought in Serfs to drain swamps

-brought in Western Architects

Interesting Facts

-married twice and had 11 children, many of whom died in infancy

-his eldest son Czarevich Alexei was convicted of high treason by his father and secretly executed in 1718


-encourages exports

-searches for warm water port to trade