September 13, 2020


Thank you for bringing your students to school between 8:05 AM-8:15 AM. I know this is a tight window, but we appreciate your help. The drop-off has been going pretty well. As students come in to their assigned door they are able to get breakfast (grab & go). There is NO charge for breakfast. The FREE breakfast option is for all students through December 2020 or until funds run out. Breakfast is eaten in the classroom with their teacher.


Students must wear masks to and from school. We have had a number of students forgetting their masks in the morning. Please let Mrs. Larson, our school counselor know if you are in need of another mask. Thank you for working with your child to have their mask and backpack ready to go to school each morning. Students are doing a GREAT job of wearing masks while at school.


Regardless of grade level, student attendance will be taken during the synchronous classes in the same manner attendance is taken in face-to-face classes.

● Students will be marked present when they complete their assignments for distance learning days.

● Teachers will follow up with students who are absent from synchronous, face-to-face, asynchronous sessions, or fail to turn in assignments through phone calls, emails, or school approved communication channels. Seesaw.Teachers can update attendance in PowerSchool up to ten days after an absence occurs to account for a completed assignment(s) turned in after the requested date.

● Additional attendance codes have been added to allow for marking a COVID-19 related absence.

● Parents and guardians will be able to review the daily attendance for their child in PowerSchool. FPS will implement the student attendance policy (AP 6220) and notify parents of excessive absences.

● During distance learning, every effort will be given to communicating with families whose students have difficulty attending synchronous sessions or completing required assignments. Lack of engagement or poor attendance may result in coordinating on-site support for the students during Level 2 and Level 3. Students will be referred to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) by their home school when attendance problems have not been resolved through the usual avenues of classroom, school, and district interventions.

○ The SARB aims to work cooperatively with students and families to alleviate the factors that interfere with regular school attendance. However, if students and/or parents decline to work with the SARB and the student continues to be absent or tardy from school, the SARB will take the necessary steps to ensure enforcement of compulsory attendance laws.


The pick up area is so busy after school. Please do NOT get out of your cars and come to the doors to pick-up your child. We want to keep traffic moving. We have staff outside after school and they will make sure your child is able to find you. Sometimes it does mean you may need to take another loop around if they are not out right away. Students that ride the bus are dismissed at 1:42 PM when the bell rings and the other students are staggered after that. Thanks for helping us to keep ALL students safe.


ALL students regardless of finances are able to order lunches to be taken home on their last school day of the week. It is helpful to order before hand, but it is not mandatory. We will be passing lunches out this week on Wednesday and Friday as the students go out for the day. If you would like to order in advance to ensure your child gets a lunch for each distance day, please order here: MEAL ORDER FORM

These lunches are for ALL families and a great way to continue to build independence during mealtimes on distance learning days. THEY ARE ALSO FREE FOR ALL until December 2020. Take advantage of this great opportunity!

BACKPACK FOOD PROGRAM sponsored by the Great Plains Food Bank:

The backpack food program is needs based program sponsored by the Great Plains Food Bank to alleviate hunger for families. If you mistook the backpack letter for the free lunches (above), we would be happy to switch things out and help you with this! The great news is we have so many great programs this year! Please contact counselor Cassie Larson if you may have unintentionally signed up for the backpack program or if you NEED the backpack program and did not get a letter at 701-446-3966 or


Your teachers have shared information with you about the best ways to communicate with them. Please remember that M-F they are teaching either group 1 or 2 from 8:05 AM-1:42 PM. Outside of that time they are preparing assignments and other items for in-person and distance learning. Our staff is working so hard and are tackling something that has never been done.

Staff will typically NOT be answering Seesaw messages, emails, phone calls, etc. from 4 PM- 7:50 AM. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Technology is wonderful, but can be frustrating! We understand that there will sometimes be technology issues or problems with completing the distance learning activities. On the distance learning days, teachers may not be available to answer questions asked on SeeSaw until the end of the day because we are focused on maximizing the learning time for our face-to-face students. For this reason, if you ever encounter a problem, please use alternative activities shared, and your child will still be counted as present for the distance learning day.