Puerto Rico

Karicia Ocasio

Fast Facts

Continent- North America Main Languages- Spanish and English

Capital- San Juan Main Religions-Roman Catholicism

Population-3,598,357 people Distance from Capital to Washington D.C

Area- (sq. mi) 5,324


Arroz con habichelas (rice and beans) is the most common they eat. They also eat Arroz con pollo (rice and chicken). Rice is their most common ingredient/grain. Bacalao con viandas (boiled cod made with cassava ( potatoes). They also love to eat seafood and fruits. These foods are the most common foods in Puerto Rico.


Their climate is mildly tropical, with warm and sunny weather. Everyday the temperatures average to 70 degrees F and 80 degrees F. Hurricanes are the most popular natural hazard in Puerto Rico. Hurricanes does a lot of damage to the island. This is the most common weather in Puerto Rico.


Spanish was declared the only official language in Puerto Rico. But English was required in schools and businesses. They now speak English and Spanish. since now they have to speak both languages, the combined language is called Spanglish. These are the most common languages they speak.


The sport they play for tradition is baseball. They also like to play Basketball, which is also very popular. Women like to play volleyball. Women also like to do are gymnastics and track. These are the sports they like to play.


Their main religion is Roman Catholicism. They also have catholic religions and customs prevail among the people. They are some Puerto Ricans that are Christian. Most of the remainder belongs to various Protestant and other Christian churches, and their numbers are growing. So these are the main religions they have.

what i want to see and do

I would like to see them play sports. I want to eat some of their different food. I also want to go in their churches. I want to learn how to speak more Spanish. These are the things I would like to do.
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This is the Puerto Rico flag.
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This is what Puerto Rico looks like.


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