The Life and Times

Of Shakespeare & the Elizabethan Age

Shakespeare: Past and Present

William Shakespeare 1562-1616.

In this project, you'll be looking for facts about the life and times of Shakespeare--take a look at your required tasks below:

Your Tasks:

  1. Create a Smore flyer on your topic.
  2. Include a bold title.
  3. Include at least three sub-topics.
  4. 15 total facts are required (it's the minimum). These should NOT be in sentence form. These are like short phrases. See the example project in the link below.
  5. Include enough pictures to enhance, but not distract, from your presentation.

If you have questions

Check Ms. Peterson's Office 365/SharePoint site in English I Files or on the calendar.

See an example here.


Image from Britannica ImageQuest.