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November- December 2018

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Project 351 Nominees and Ambassador

Project 351 is determined to meet the demand for high quality, enriching service opportunities that respect and reflect the unique gifts and world changing aspirations of young people. And, to joyfully mobilize that abundance of talent and goodness to uplift, unite, and transform communities. There is an ambassador chosen from every town/city is Massachusetts, which makes up the 351 students each year.

We are proud to have the school nominate several students and select one to represent the town of Stoughton.

Congrats to the following nominees and ambassador for the 2018-2019 school year for Project 351.


Abigail Bettencourt

Luisa Silva

Mya Ricardo

Kyla Sheedy-Goff


Jaelyn Williams

We are so proud of all of the nominees and we know that Jaelyn is going to make a huge difference in the state and make Stoughton proud!!

Club Focus

The Robotic's Club has been working on LEGO battle bots using the EV3 kits as well as some rockets that can be shot over 1,000 feet into the air. Over 50 students regularly take part in the Robotics Club at OMS each Friday after school with Mrs. Lee, Dr. McGee, and Ms. Feeney. Students get the chance to build and create using STEM framework and the engineering design process.
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Spirit Day

Each year on the day before Thanksgiving break, OMS celebrates Spirit Day, in what is one of the most fun and exciting days of the year. Students and teacher come together to show their Stoughton and OMS pride and take part in some games and activities that bring the community even closer together.

This year, students and teacher participated in a door decorating contest, spirit wear contest, minutes win it challenges where students faced off against their teachers, a performance by the marching band, and teachers participated in the turkey toss.

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Veteran's Day Assembly

Every year at OMS, the 8th grade team puts on a celebration and assembly for Veteran's Day. Their is a breakfast in the LC for Veteran's and their families and then there is an unbelievable assembly where students perform and we listen to some of the most powerful stories from and about Veterans. It was an amazing day at OMS where we could give a little back to the people who risked their lives to allow us to live the way we do.
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Growth Mindset

What is Growth Mindset??

OMS is making a real push to have students and teachers use the growth mindset approach at all times during the day. We asked a few students and teachers how they would define growth mindset. Here is what we heard...

Student Perspective
: Growth mindset means to try your best and never give up.

Student Perspective: I think that growth mindset is challenging yourself to get better by practicing and have a positive mindset. It's also about helping others on your team or even people you do not know.

Student Perspective: Try hard, work hard, don't give up, understand that you aren't perfect, get up when you fall.

Teacher Perspective: Growth mindset to me is the ability to continue to persevere even if you are struggling. It is a belief that is almost more important than how much you know. Growth mindset tells us to try new things and continue to develop our skills whether we are working in an area that is a relative strength or weakness. We are always trying to improve and get better.

Teacher Perspective: In my classroom, I use growth mindset as a way to make sure everyone knows that it is okay to be working from your comfort level as long as you are trying to improve. Every student has different strengths and weaknesses and it is important to celebrate those in the name of hard work, effort, and determination.

Lions Club Peace Poster Contest

The Stoughton Lion's Club held its annual International Peace Poster Contest and all 7th grade art students participated. 19 Finalists were selected to be voted on by the Lion's Club.

Finalists are:

Aidan Myles

Jake Jardim

Jonathan Goncalves

Joseph McSweeney

Olivia Smith

Brooke Enokian

Dakota Picano

Emily Hoang

Sharon Straughter

Halee Grant

Luis Cassemiro

Isaac Chavez

Abdul Razzak El Zohbi

Zayane Lopes

3rd Place Winners :

Shay Callanan

Devon de Borst

Ana Clara Borges

Marybeth Oggiano

2nd Place:

Jennifer Theriault

1st Place Winner:

Julya Tiburcio

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