Free to be a Child

a Reggio-inspired, home-based early childhood program

This past year (among many other things), we:

  • created our own "Maisy Day" based on one at the Eric Carle Museum, sewing our own costumes, planning activities, and inviting our community;
  • studied construction vehicles at work, watching, drawing, and talking with workers;
  • created a hospital for dolls which became a source of rich dramatic play for weeks;
  • spent hours creating recipes in our "mud kitchen;"
  • designed and built marionettes and stick puppets based on those we'd seen in local productions, and then used them in shows of our own
  • explored Florence on foot, compared modern buildings to historic photos, and recreated our favorite sites with blocks

We'd love to pursue your child's passions, too!

Next year will be different, as we follow the current interests of the group. (What won't change: hours spent outdoors every day, long blocks of time for free play and project work, tons of reading from our excellent children's library, local and organic vegetarian meals.) Won't you join us?

Free to be a Child is run by Lise McGuinness, a well-respected early childhood teacher and consultant who has been teaching young children in public and private settings for 20 years.

Free to be a Child is open Monday-Thursday from 8-4:30.
Openings for 3-6 year-olds available 2, 3, or 4 days per week.
Home-schooling families in need of child care especially encouraged to apply.

Please come check out Free to be a Child to see if we're a match for your family

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