#beingr @Rossett

The Daily Newspaper for the 3R's week

Friday's Edition of #beingr @Rossett

Friday is the final day of the 3R's week and has seen a huge amount of #beingr check out the photo highlights and the tweets below. These Newspaper's have been viewed over 4,000 times already as the impact of "#beingr @Rossett" traverses the globe. Thanks to the many staff and students who have been involved in making this week a huge success.

#beingr in MFL

Amazing resilience from James and Ashley reading a French text aloud, crammed full of really challenging statistics! James got the fastest time.

@Elsenorkehoe: Yr9 Spanish running dictation to improve writing & #beingr @Rossett blinding effort http://t.co/cq9uHu1gM9

@MrsMyers_: Cracking on with a high level task!!! Using online support materials and each other!! #beingr http://t.co/noivv94Mue

@MrsMyers_: My GCSE group today were probably about as responsible and resilient as it gets!!!! #beingr

Working away independently and finding answers on their own. Well done 8x1.

#beingr in Drama and PA

@RossettDramaPA: @Rossett #beingr Year 12 Theatre studies being Responsible and Resilient as they prepare for their final assessment http://t.co/ndg0MfKtXn

#beingr in History

@Westylish: Year 7 independently research questions on the BlackDeath ready for a big quiz #beingr http://t.co/jOoNt2Wc2p

@Westylish: AS historians #beingr completing questions on Edmodo whilst they watch the brilliant SophieScholl @rossett http://t.co/RSxTRgBJQp

@Westylish: Great collaboration and #beingr from year 7 researching the Black Death @rossett http://t.co/cWTZWMMzZ6

#beingr in English

@FloTrought: Lewis Hensby, resilience star. Working hard@Rossett #beingr http://t.co/aSf4xdOnIV

@FloTrought: George reflects on his draft and makes corrections@Rossett #beingr http://t.co/E95mnLxqMy

@MissB_M: @Rossett AS Lit. #beingr by reflecting on their last essay with markscheme & indicative content-learning from mistakes & grading themselves.

@FloTrought: 3Rs in action@Rossett. So impressed with Y9 this morning#beingr http://t.co/iCU8CtZxe6

@FloTrought: Amazing, responsible group work! Learners explore poetry together @Rossett #beingr http://t.co/oVT82jBCek

@Elsenorkehoe: http://t.co/nx5IsJoD7x Yr8 use learning maps to interpret poetry in @MissToll English. Fab to watch them #beingr @Rossett Below:

YR8 Eng #beingr with War Poetry! Great stuff @Miss T @Rossett

#beingr in PE

@micky_parker: The pink hat rides again, who will be the 1st lucky wearer @Rossett #ski 2014 #beingr http://t.co/XHK45tAEQY

#beingr in Technology

@MissV_Young: Fantastic homemade curry paste, made from scratch. That must have taken some #beingr @Rossett http://t.co/Ne6ShSh9tK

#beingr in Economics

@Elsenorkehoe: Alevel Economoics #beingr with a QQT style quiz on their knowledge @Rossett with Mr Pears http://t.co/fXeHdtOBzN

#beingr in The Resource Centre

@RossettRC: Lots of responsible students returned library books on time this week & got a chance to win books in a draw after half term @Rossett #beingr

@RossettRC: Evie and Mija showing responsibility by returning books then quizzing on Accelerated Reader. Fantastic! @rossett #beingr

#beingr in PSHEE

@MissToll: Think I'm the proudest form tutor @Rossett after finding our how @mollyrosecasper has been #beingr by researching volunteering! Go Molly!

#beingr @Rossett goes global!

@Westylish: Wow "#beingr @Rossett" our daily 3Rs newspaper has a truly global audience!
The 3 R's Culture of Learning @Rossett