Year of the Flood

by Margaret Atwood


This is important because it is when Toby makes her decision to join the gardeners

Two ways the author likes to characterizes ren

The author most commonly uses, Ren's own thoughts about herself to show who she is as a person . Because her judgment on herself is much harsher then others.Only she truly knows herself because she puts on a mask for others to please them, and she changes who she is to try to please others . So only she can truthfully pass judgement on herself. For example this is an excerpt from the text " I feel so revealed in my new clothes my mom bought . My pastel lemon top felt so low cut and tight compared to my loose gardener clothes i'm used to . They make me feel so revealed. "

Another way the author likes to characterize, is the charters actions. Ren's personality is really shown through her actions for example when Ren has trouble finding a job after collage, she stays positive and she finds a job at a spa with another former gardener.


In this book the them is environmentalism because of the characters like the gardeners and their predicted environmental disaster that frames the entire story. The Gardeners believe it is their duty to live though gods water less flood . This group condemns the killing of any animal from as small as a fly to the biggest elephant and they must pray for forgiveness if they harm anything. For example Toby has a garden after the plague because she won't eat meat because she thinks it is wrong.