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January 8, 2016

Welcome Back!

This was an exciting week for our class. The children were so happy to see each other and to share about their family times while they were away. I think they have each grown two inches and matured so much over the past four months. It was a joy to welcome them back!

Writer's Workshop

This week we jumped right into our writer's workshop with our study of narrative writing. We used Cynthia Rylant's book The Relatives Came as our model text for this style of writing. We noticed that she describes her visit with family in great detail. The writing describes her feelings about welcoming so many wonderful guests into her home. This was a great book to begin our study since the children could relate to trips and visits with their own relatives over the holiday break. Making these kinds of connections with literature is an important part of our work!

We also set writing goals for the next few weeks. These goals include starting our sentences with capital letters, using finger spaces between words, ending our sentences with proper punctuation, sounding out our words, adding more details, and making our writing clearly legible.

Our story hand, pictured below, helps us to remember that our story needs to have main characters, a setting, a beginning, middle, and an end. The stories need to be personal and full of heart.

We are also working on giving each other encouragement during our writer's sharing time. We take turns reading our stories, even if the stories are not yet complete. The children ask each other questions, give complements, and give helpful suggestions for improving their work.

Small Group Work

Part of our morning includes a thirty minute block of time in which the children are assigned to work in a specific small group. These small groups of children allow the learners individual attention working with teachers and peers on specific tasks including math, literacy, and fine motor development. The four stations stay the same throughout the week, but the groups alternate depending on the day. This week Mrs. Robinson's group played a new sight word game named "Zingo." Mrs. Cobb's group worked on counting, starting from a number other than one. We also used our new iPad math apps to practice adding and sorting objects.


This week we welcomed a new friend. Her name is Addison Thomas. She has moved to town from out of state. We are excited to get to know her and her family!
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A Note From The PRS P.E. Department

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