"Where I Stand"

By Aleeya Barretto

Water Works

In Markham there are not a lot of water works. All year round, but especially in the summer, kids and adults would like to play in a water park. The problem is Markham doesn't have very many. Often when you go to a water park they are too crowded because there is not an adequate number of places for you to go to nor are there enough option within the water parks themselves. The water parks in Markham are often too small or there is not a lot of things for one to do. This is why I am suggesting that Markham invests additional funds and resources to build more water parks. Parents in Markham also agree with this statement because in the summer they'd rather have their kids be active and go to a water park then stay at home and watch TV. This is also good for residents of Markham who can not afford to spend thousands of dollars on building a pool. Our Canadian winters are long and cool. Visiting an indoor water park gives you a break from the winter blues. These are the reasons why the city of Markham needs to invest in more indoor and outdoor water activities.
amazing outdoor fun : waterpark
This video is an example of a water slide that we could have in Markham. We hardly have any water parks in Markham that could fit a water slide this big. This video shows the amount of fun the family is having and how easy it is to have fun at a water park.

Recreational Programs

In Markham, there are recreational programs offered to the community. These programs include aquatic courses, baby sitting courses, yoga classes etc. The problem with these programs are that they get filled up really fast and that they are really expensive. Some residents of Markham can not afford to pay the steep prices to in roll their children in these classes. Markham should try to keep the prices more affordable for their residence. For example, if you wanted to take a lifeguard course the price is $189. Some people can not afford that. Markham should offer more courses free of charge. Lastly, Markham should offer additional programs. When I was little and I took classes in the City of Markham my dad had to wake up at 6 a.m. to make sure I got into them. If he woke up any later most of the courses would be full and I would be put on the wait list. This is why I believe that Markham should pay more attention to recreational programs.
In these pictures you can see how much fun the kids are having with the activities. They are learning while having fun. Markham has done a great job with this.

Road Maintenance

In Markham there is way too much construction happening at one time. For example Highway 7 was under construction from Warden to Hwy 404 creating traffic jams during rush hours. Commuting to work for adults already takes a long time so this just makes it take longer and gets people upset. Markham should disperse the road maintenance they have you can always take an alternative street. Another concern with road maintenance is that Markham has been repaving a lot of their streets even though they are fine. This is a waste of money and should not have been done. For example Village Gate has just been repaved but prior to the repaving it was completely fine and you could drive on it easily. Markham don't waste money on unnecessary things.
Big image
This picture shows how bad the traffic can be sometimes because of road construction.
Markham needs to work on:

  • Water works
  • Recreational Programs
  • Road Maintence

Other than these things I think that Markham is doing a really great job and that they should keep up the good work.