My Genius

My genius would have to be that i'm very good with animals. I can feel what animals are feeling and i can tell when they are sad or when they want something. Animals they all have different personalities just like people. I grew up around animals like cows, horses, dogs, cats ext. I have learned so much about animals over the years and I think that they are amazing.

I have worked with cow mostly and they are an amazing animal the way that they are and how they act. Just like humans they have clicks. They have the popular ones, they have the jocks, the class clowns, the emos, the misfits, the geeks ext. That might sound crazy but it is very true. I love just watching them and observing them. So my genius is I’m good with animals.

Breaks My Heart

There are many things that makes me sad. I would have to say the thing that makes sad the most is animal abuse. I don't see how people can hurt animals. They are the same as a human and they feel everything just like we do. Just because animals they can’t speak up and tell you that you are hurting does not mean that they are not. When people hurt animals its just like hurting a human, but some people they don't care they just want something to feel pain just like they are but do not take it out on animals.

Many people nowadays they fight animals just for entertainment just so they can get a good laugh out of it. They drop animals off places so that they don’t have to deal with them what is the point in getting an animal if all you are going to do is hurt them,abandon them and leave them to fend for themselves. If you want an animal then get one for the right reasons like for a companion and a friend that is always there for you. If you can no longer take care of your animal find someone that can so that they have a good life and they won't be killed for something that was not their fault. Would you take your kid out to the middle of nowhere and drop it off and ask it fend for themselves no so why do it to an animal?

Deepest Fears.

I think that my deepest fear would have to be coyotes because when i was younger we lived on a ranch and we would always go coyote hunting and when we killed them we would put them out on a trailer. Every time that I walked out by them my dad and brother they would tell me be careful they are going to jump up and eat you. Then i started have really bad nightmares about them eating me and everything. Now when I hear them I will just run inside and turn up the tv or something.

I am also very afraid of frogs. I have had really bad dreams about them killing me and me becoming something that i really don't know how to explain it. They just really freak me out. I was never afraid of frogs for my whole life but after that dream I can't even look at them without getting creeped out.

Greatest Dream

I think that my biggest dream would be some day running my own ranch. It’s a crazy dream but I have always wanted to be the boss for my own ranch something that I could call my own. My family worked on a ranch for about 6 years and I grew up there and that is what I love doing. I love animals of all sort but cows they are my favorite. When I was younger I would always pretend that, that was my ranch and that everyone there was working for me and that all of the cows and horses were all mine and that I was living the life. So from there on I knew that was wanted I wanted to do with my life.

Most girls they all dream about finding their prince and running away and getting married and living happily ever after and having kids and a family. Nope not me when I was younger all that I dreamed about were things that I would do with my ranch and how I would run it, how many cows and horses would be there. I did not want to find my prince because I thought that he was going to ruin all of my plans about what i wanted to do.