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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

The capital of Northern Ireland is London. They have there own flag which means a banner of arms of the old government in Northern Ireland.
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The location is Europe and the countries that surround it is Ireland then the rest is water.Northern Ireland is crisscrossed by upland and low mountains.Major landmarks is The Knowth ,Irish Murray[forbidden island],Skelling Michael[vertical stairs monks climed]and many more. There is also a valuable water source called Lo.ugh Neagh


Northern Ireland has a Monarchy Government but elect for leader[s].Ian Presley was Northern Ireland's leader.Northern Ireland also allows you to work in any member state.


Northern Ireland is rich and every quarter there money grows bigger.They use pound sterling for money,One pound is 100 pence.For there imports and exports its mainly beef/livestock.The life expectancy is about 80.4 years.The birth rate is 13.3 births per thousand. Northern Ireland's literacy rate is 99%.A major water source is Lake Lough Neagh.


The clothes they were in Northern Ireland is what ever expresses there love.A major language is Irish Gaelic.Major holidays is remembrance Sunday,Christmas,ST. Patrick's Day,and boxing day.Northern Ireland's main religion is catholic.There beliefs are based on there parents.Also a popular dish in Northern Ireland is Irish stew.It contains meat,potatoes,carrots,and onions.


The general weather is cold[mild winters and cool summers].They receive 846mm of rainfall per year.In the spring it is 46-54 degrees and in summer it is 64-68 degrees.It makes it colder in Northern Ireland so the resources would be minerals to salt the roads.


Northern Ireland won victory over the English at Yellow Ford 1598. Then 3 years later they were defeated and surrendered.Then in the 17th century Plantation of Ulster started and was later heavily settled by Scottish Prebyterians.

Compare and Contrast

For Northern Ireland,porridge or oatmeal was usually breakfast . Coffee and cookies for mid morning, Then the meal of the day was meat based.In the USA the types of food is based on religion.There also catholic like Northern Ireland.The USA and Ireland are both Catholic an elect for there leaders.They are also both rich and celebrate the same holidays.The USA speaks English and Northern Ireland speaks Irish.Northern Ireland's government is a Monarchy and they eat diffrent foods for breakfast.