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It is hard to believe that we are in our third week of school. This is not an unusual phenomenon for a school year, the whole year just speeds by us. So as a parent, guardian or student we must remember that as each quarter passes by so does the opportunity to plan for a great year. Students have to be proactive about their education and make an academic plan to stay on top of, and hopefully ahead of, their school work and studying. This week your students will receive planners but the planners need to be used for more than just a bathroom pass. Besides the calendar and student handbook they have planning tools built inside of them. There are tracking tools for testing, remediation and tutoring, time management and other planning devices to help your student have a great year. Please make sure your students have a quiet place to study so they can reach their goals for this year. As a parent or guardian you can help them monitor those goals through Edline. We want to assist you in any way we can so please do not hesitate to email your student’s teachers to ask questions and check on your student’s progress. If you are using Edline to email please use your Edline account so there is a return email attached to your email. I hope to see you at our Parent Night this Thursday so you get the opportunity to meet your student’s teachers and hear about their expectations for the year.

As we met with all of our students this week we reminded them that they drive how involved they become in their school. Our school calendar keeps track of events for you and you can find the calendar on our website Some exciting things that are happening this month include College night, preparing for XScream, and rehearsal for One Acts. We also have a lot of clubs that have already begun meeting. The club activities are announced during our morning announcements and your student can also find them on our webpage on our blog.

We are also renewing our accreditation through the Southern n Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS/AdvancED). This is a time to reflect on where we have been as a school and where we are going. It is always an excellent process and something we work on yearly. Accreditation is important to you because it is the process that validates us as a school to other entities such as colleges and universities to which your students apply. We will be sending out a survey like we did last year except this one will go directly to the accreditation team from SACS and will be used as part of their point system for our accreditation. When you receive the link to the survey please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

We have had a wonderful beginning of SY 17 and I look forward to the year ahead. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be you partner in your student’s education.

Principal Collins

G-Star Grads: Where are they now?

This month, we caught up with Audrey Votaw, from G-Star's class of 2011. After finishing her Bachelor's at Florida State, Votaw moved back down to West Palm Beach and is currently on the marketing team at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.

When asked what she wishes she knew while in high school, Votaw says, "College is a lot more labor intensive than high school. I never had to pull all-nighters in the library for 4 exams on the same day at G-Star, so be prepared for the work. My first semester was rough and I made my way after."

She also tells current students "You may not be the next actor/actress or director/producer coming from G-Star, but stay in the arts. Be an avid arts enthusiast, whether it be in studio art, theatre, film, dance, music, etc..."

Thanks, Audrey, for catching up with us, and we wish you the best!

G-Star Parents Facebook Group

Please click here to view the G-Star Parents Facebook Page

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you all had a great summer! The G-Star PTA is now ready to grow this year, we need you!

The PTA has completed the following in the 2015-2016 school year:

* Built a positive, solid relationship with G-Star Administration and Staff.

* Operates daily a concession stand after school we call, The Snack Shack.

* Purchased 13 banquet tables for future events at G-Star.

* We have raffled for the teachers a huge basket of goodies for Thanksgiving.

* Purchased 10 Santa suits for the students to do amazing outside events.

* Organized and executed a beautiful sit down holiday staff luncheon with a cookie buffet, and a special cake.

* We have planned and executed a teacher appreciation week which included coffee and donuts, special gifts, sit down lunch, and dessert day.

* Saved money for each student class.

We are very proud and very excited at what we have accomplished so far for G-Star! Come aboard!

Please join our Facebook page or email me anytime. We would like to have our first meeting on the calendar after open house.

Michelle Forgione

President- GStar PTA

Please join our Facebook page: GStarSchoolParents

Yearbook Raffle

Buy a copy of the 2016 yearbook for $40 and be entered in a drawing to win a 2017 yearbook!

There are fewer than sixty 2016 books left, so the odds of winning a 2017 book are high! The 2017 yearbook is currently on pre-sale for $55 and will increase by $5 every quarter to a final price of $70.

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G-Star's Grab & Go

Please click here to register for Free & Reduced Lunch

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**If you are interested in free and reduced lunch for your student you must re-apply every year.*


IB Physics

In Ms. Yusuf-Clarke's IB Physics class, which is brand new to G-Star this year, students determined the acceleration of free-fall (gravity) using the simple pendulum.

These budding physicists were able to take accurate and precise measurements, and analyze their data to determine g values that were very close to the theoretical value, considering the uncertainties in their measurements.

Theatre And Acting

2016 G-Star One Act Festival

G-Star Acting Department/ G-Star Thespians Troupe #6621

WHEN: October 4th-7th @ 7 PM

COST: $10 per ticket - Students/ $15 - General Admissions

The 2016 G-Star One Act Festival is an annual Acting Department show in which the Acting Department teachers each directs a One- Act Play. This year's line of shows: Stage Directions by Israel Horovitz directed by Mr. Olson; The Shape of Things by Neil Labute directed by Mrs. Levy and The Exonerated by Jessica Black & Eric Jensen directed by Mr. Edgecomb. You can purchase your tickets in the H-Building Theatre Office. Hope to see you there. Enjoy the show.

If you would like to place an Ad in our Playbill please contact Mrs. Levy at

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Every month we will have a workshop dedicated to Animation, Modeling or Fine Arts & Film. We hope that you can join us twice a month for an exciting experience learning how to discover a new passion. Please fill your information below.

Dawson Digital Arts School is hosting free workshops every month dedicated to Animation, Modeling, or Film & Fine Arts. They will be hosted throughout this school year at G-Star. Check out their website at to stay up-to-date. We hope that you can join us in this exciting experience learning how to discover a new passion. For more information please email Mr. Dawson at or call (561) 465-4748.

To register for a workshop, click the link below

Dawson Digital Art School Registration

Please click here to register for a workshop.


If in the circumstance your bus is running behind schedule in either the morning or afternoon, please contact the local A & S Transportation representative directly at 561-285-7053 and they will be able to give you an update.

In an effort to ensure that bus transportation to and from G-Star School of the Arts continues to be safe and orderly for all students we have changed four of our 65 passenger buses to four buses that hold 81 passengers each.

Here is some information to help those that are new to G-Star for this school year that have not yet registered:

  1. Designated Bus Stop: After a student has been registered for busing, they will be assigned a designated bus stop. Students may enter and exit the school bus ONLY at their designated stop unless a bus pass is provided to the driver upon entering the bus that is either assigned by A&S Transportation or Mr. Spilfogel. Notes from parents to the bus driver are not bus passes. Your student may receive a warning if he/she attempts to enter or exit at an unassigned bus stop without a bus pass. Parents must contact the school to get a bus pass. See bus passes.
  2. Bus Passes: If for any reason your student needs to ride a bus other than his or her designated bus, he/she will need a bus pass from A&S Transportation or Mr. Spilfogel before he/she boards the bus. A written note or phone call from a parent or guardian to the school office is required for the student to receive a bus pass.
  3. Bus drivers: are not allowed to alter their bus routes or bus stops to accommodate parent requests. If you have a concern regarding your child’s bus stop, you must express that concern with the transportation company at (239) 434-0777.


Bus Schedule

Please click here to view the 2016-2017 Bus Schedule

Bus Transportation Registration Form

Please click here to register for the bus if you have not yet done so. Please allow 2-3 business day for A&S Transportation to process the application.


G-Star's Guidance Department

Please click here if you wish to view the Guidance Department Reference Page

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High School Counseling Website

Please click here to view the High School Counseling Website

It is the mission of School District of Palm Beach County school counselors to foster academic achievement, college and career readiness, and social/emotional development for all students through direct counseling services and collaboration with teachers, administrators, parents, and community.


The Boca High PTSA is hosting our 5th Annual College and Career Fair on Monday, October 10th from 6:00 -8:00 in the gymnasium. There will be over 80 universities, technical schools & colleges, and educational vendors participating. This event is open to all Boca High students, families, area schools, and the community free of charge. The informational flyer is below.
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Assessment Department


The PSAT test is Oct 19th. Any interested juniors should sign up in the testing office before September 16th. The cost is $15.00. Sophomores are automatically registered.

Remind 101

The testing department is using Remind101 to send important information for GStar Assessments this year.

Please click here to join and use the class code @gstarte

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Information

G-Star's Tonya Bellamy is our students' ESE Coordinator for students with IEP/504 plans. If you need her assistance with anything, please click here to email her.

As your student transitions into high school, we will continue them on their current

As your student(s) transition into high school, we will continue them on their current IEP/504 plan. However, College Board (PSAT, AP, and SAT) and ACT do not follow our accommodation procedures. You must go online to apply for accommodations for these college entrance exams.

You will need the most current IEP/504 and a recent (within 3 years of requested accommodations psychological educational evaluation as documentation to support your request.

Click here for the ACT site, and here to reach College Board.

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G-Star's School Calendar

Please click here to access the G-Star School Calendar