Corporate Controls

By: Lyza Erika Newbern

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“At the heart of the problem of the media and democracy is the problem of the control over the production and dissemination of news. However, other aspects of the media and communication, including movies, novels, music, theater and television entertainment, are also critical for public debate and democracy.”

“The first problem centers on the simple and obvious fact that the owners of mass media companies have the power to control the content of what the media produces.”

“It should come as no surprise to anyone that if the mass media is mainly owned by very rich people and run by very large corporations, that this will significantly affect the perspectives embodied in news reporting.”

“Americans today are living in a truly terrifying, deceptive reality where six enormous corporations control every aspect of our media. Whether it’s news we read on the internet, listen to on the radio, or see on t.v., the grim truth of the matter is that everything we see, hear and read is being carefully controlled by six corporations that ensure we’re only hearing, reading, or watching the “truth” as they fashion it.”

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