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Bi-weekly newsletter volume #8 with Mrs. Norris (5/01/16)

Grades have been updated

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Progress Report Reminders

Remember that your progress reports may or may not reflect current work in this is only a "snapshot" of work completed.....Progress reports are sent out on Wednesday following benchmark due date, . So due to grade fluctuation, it is best to check your grades on a daily basis.

Tie up loose ends

Be sure you have handed in all of your work from April 15 - 28, as this is our last benchmark due date. You only have until Tuesday night, May 3 to do so. Late points will apply, but remember....... a grade is better than a zero, don't you agree?

Final Exam Reminder

May 4 ~ Exam opens at 12:01 a.m.

May 5 ~ Exam closes at 11:59 p.m.

You may take your exam on either one of these days, not both of them..... once you start the exam, you must complete it.... no pausing, or saving it....

45 questions are on this test, and you will have 90 minutes to complete it.... DO NOT leave any question blank.. as you always can eliminate wrong answers,....the odds are in your favor..

Remediation project reminders

You may not turn these in late, as they will NOT be accepted

April 30 ~ Test / Lab remediation Due by midnight ~

***Expired and you can't turn these in now

May 1 ~ Test correction power point due by midnight

Print out your grade

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Please remember to print out your grade or anything else you may need before the course closes on May 6...... Final grades will be released on May 12. I know how anxious you will be to see what your final grade is in the course, but GaVS policy states that I am unable to give grade information out at all, until they are released on May please don't ask.