Happy Holidays

From your MM Kristin Luttrell!

Thank you for all your hard work this year, Bling Bosses!!!

When I first started as a Merchandise Manager in September, I wasn't fully sure of what all to expect. You ladies have far exceeded my expectations and are an amazing team of merchandisers. I love working with you to set and meet your goals, whether that be a sales goal or a goal to step outside your comfort zone. Your personal growth has been such a gift to me-thank you for letting me a part of your lives!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!
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PLEASE HELP!! I need your address!!!

Please reply to this email or text me at 281.636.7661 with your mailing address if you haven't done so already!! I want to send you something for the holidays but don't have everyone's address. Thank you for your help and be watching your mail! If I don't get your mailing address, I can't send anything to you. :(
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The new year is upon us....let's make plans to make it a great one!

Just three days until Christmas! Let's enjoy the holidays with our friends and family! During the next couple of weeks, we can start to plan our NEW year. Give some thoughts of a long term C+I goal - what role this business needs to play in your life (guilt free personal shopping, pay off debt, monthly mani/pedi, etc) to reach your personal goals. Your "Why" may have changed a bit since you first decided to join Chloe + Isabel.... Let's see how we can work together to reach those goals.

Don't forget that while your sales this second half of the month may be a little slower, this is the PERFECT time to be booking January and February pop-ups! Start booking them now so when the new year comes you have at least ONE January and ONE February pop-up on the books! Think of different themes: New Year+New You, Buy What You Really Wanted, Valentines Day etc. I would love to help you brainstorm ideas!

I could not be more proud of each of you! xo