Arson Dogs

By: Sree


Do dogs that smell chemicals from arson fires end up not being able to smell after years of smelling or do they get a stronger nose able of smelling farther and more accurately?


The chemicals will not destroy a dogs nose or it will not enhance the dogs nose the only that the chemicals will do to the dogs nose is that it will irritate there nose and make it itchy.

Dogs Nose

The dog’s nose consists of a bony nasal cavity that is divided into two separate chambers by a bony and cartilaginous nasal septum. Within each of the cavities are the turbinate bones (conchae) and the paranasal sinuses.


The types of dogs that they use for arson dogs are labrador retrievers.

A arson teams consist of a firefighter and a dog.

The arson teams have to go back to training for certain hours every year.