The Dash

Prepare to be bored to death..... Koalas

What is a Dash?

Well first of all, if you have no clue as to what a dash is. Get out of here and go back to the first grade. Now then, a Dash is one of many things, but right now we are talking about the one you use in writing and is on the keyboard of a computer.

It is separated into two types of Dashes, the En Dash and the Em Dash.

The En Dash is a little longer then a Hyphen, you could use it for a period of time when you would use to.

Ex. Cameron Texas-Yoe High school

An Em Dash is used in informal writing, in said writing, it is used o replace commas, semicolons, colons and parentheses for added emphasis, an interruption or an abrupt change of thought.

Ex. Where did I -Mouse!-

Thanks for reading this!