Dixons Kings Academy Appreciations!

Integrity, Diligence, Civility... w/c 01 February 2016

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At Dixons Kings, we live by our core values. Integrity is always doing the right thing and keeping true to your moral principles. Diligence is the necessity of giving attention to detail in order to avoid error and overcome obstacles. Finally, Civility is about showing everyone consideration and respect. Our appreciations newsletter celebrates the members of our academy family who exhibit these values and climb the mountain to success. We also champion the family members who, during their climb, have shown themselves to be unique, ambitious and creative.
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The Climb... Events @ DKA

Year 7 Spelling Bee Finals!

The winners of the Year 7 Spelling Bee competition were Kilimanjaro! Well Done!

Art Workshop

Students enjoyed working with Artist Dianne Jones on silk screen printing

Year 8 Parents Evening

Student helpers ready to welcome the parents of our Year 8 students

Mosaic Enterprise

Family Members of the week

Year 7

Mohammed Abu-Faizan - For diligently working at his literacy and being persistent with concepts he found challenging.

Humayrah Ali - For picking up another students duties during family dining when they were absent.

Year 8

Luqmaan Maroof- Excellent attitude in all lessons

Aqsa Razaq - Great effort in lessons and achieve more than 100 positives

Year 9

Hanna Hussain and Izmah Butt for team effort during mosaic enterprise challenge.

Year 10

Nimra Idrees – integrity

Hassan Ali Iqbal – integrity and diligence

Year 11

The following students for managing the stationary shop every morning:

Zaynah Qamar

Mariah Haider

Maryam Missar

Nimrah Khan


Staff who have been appreciated by students or their colleagues

Mr. Miley for always asking how I am doing and showing his support on a daily basis.

Mr. Rossell for selflessly giving up part of his lunch on Friday so that he could help me out. Appreciated.

Mr. Jeram for always helpful in supporting the IT teachers in any issues in the IT suites.

Ms. Sutton for always gets the job done before the reqested time and helpful in printing cover work.

Ms. Pandor for always helpful in dealing with communication to parents regarding intervention and last minute requests.

Ms. Parmar for showing excellent diligence in making sure that year 9’s work is marked accordingly to the schools expectations and helping students keep their folders organised.

Mr. Beardsley for his support, advice and thoroughness with which he investigates and deals with issues.

Miss. Shah for her efforts with 9ox/sc4, students love her lessons and are always engaged in learning

Thank you to Ms. Tarique and Mrs. Peacock for setting up and clearing away experiments efficiently.

Mr. M Hussain (science) has been diligently marking his books this week and ensures feedback is meaningful to allow student progression.

Thank you to Ms. Shah for helping to support the team with planning SOW.

Thank you to Mr. Sakab for providing meaningful feedback following the learning walks.

Mr. A Hussain (maths) for a fantastic line up speech to year 7 on Friday

Mr. Miller, Ms. Knowles and Ms. Thomspon for excellent Y11 line-up talks

Miss Pandor for working so diligently to ensure students are informed about intervention and always meeting my last minute requests


Creative Arts Star of the Week!

All the year 11 Textiles students who worked diligently throughout the week, especially Namra Malik

English Star of the Week!

Ibrahim Patel (Year 10) always extremely civil and diligent

RE Stars of the Week!

Year 7: Hasnain Farooq and Bilal Arshad for showing civility by generously helping other students ensure they have their full equipment. Your kindness is very admirable, well done!

Year 8: Haseeb Ahmed (8OX2) for always working diligently in lessons

Year 9: Falaq Amin for showing care and diligence in her work every single lesson and for being extremely motivated in wanting to succeed the highest grade possible in RE.

Year 10: Sajid Riley for working diligently in lesson to catch up with missed work. Well done to Ibrahim Patel, Ahmed Troug and Zakkee Jamil for getting a B in their most recent assessment- keep up the hard work boys!

Year 11: Sumiyyah Hussain for working diligently when responding to feedback. Her book is exemplary!

Year 11 Citizenship

Usman Zaheer for showing brilliant effort in all lessons and his book work is a reflection of this, well done!

Parent Information

10 Weeks to go for the Year 11 GCSE Exams!


Term Dates

2016 Term 3 Monday 4 January to Friday 12 February 2016

Holiday - Saturday 13 February to Sunday 21 February

2016 Term 4 Monday 22 February to Thursday 24 March 2016

Holiday - Friday 25 March to Sunday 10 April

2016 Term 5 Monday 11 April to Friday 27 May 2016

Holiday - Saturday 28 May to to Sunday 5 June

2016 Term 6 Monday 6 June to Friday 22 July 2016

Holiday - Saturday 23 July onwards

Family Dining

We are very proud that our year 7 students dine together every day. Family dining gives students a chance to demonstrate integrity, diligence and civility while eating together with their tutors. They serve each other; clean up together and get a chance to talk about their journey up the mountain of success!

Two Claps on Three!

To show our appreciation, we give our family members 'two claps on three'. Here are year 7 demonstrating it!