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Construction Update!

The new addition is gorgeous! If you've not seen it in a while, you will be surprised at how great everything is looking! I simply can't wait to see the excitement on the faces of our students. This space is transformational - it will be refreshing and exciting for everyone in the building!

Cleaning crews are working now to prepare for the "punch list" visit on July 18. I have gotten approval from Mr. Bryant to move teacher materials into the closets as soon as the punch list has been made (as long as there is no work to be done in the closets). I will notify staff members as soon as we are ready to move personal belongings from the cafeteria to the closets. Once items are in the closets, staff members will be able to begin work organizing closets and cabinets.

There was an issue with the carpet, so that has pushed back the completion date. Currently, the carpet is expected to arrive on July 27, with installation taking approximately two days. Furniture is also schedule to arrive on July 27, so there will be lots buzzing for a couple of days! If all goes as planned, all crews should be out of the building on July 30.

Summer Professional Development & Work Days

Don't forget - ALL staff members are required to attend two days of professional development this summer! If you attended our campus Conscious Discipline training, you are all set! If you did not, you must provide certificates from the training which you completed. These two days count towards November 21 and 22 - the week of Thanksgiving. Please see the section below about make-up opportunities for Conscious Discipline.

You must also document two days of work on campus before August 8 - these dates will substitute for the Teacher Work Days on August 19 and January 16. You must have 16 hours documented to count for the two days. You do not have to work two 8-hour days, you can come in and work for an hour or two at a time, whatever fits your schedule!

Calling all paraprofessionals - we have work available in the office for those of you who need your 16 hours!

Conscious Discipline

Thanks to all who attended Conscious Discipline with us June 23 and 24! I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and appreciate the conversations about how we can continue to create our school family. I am looking forward to continuing our work as we implement the program across the campus.

For those of you who were unable to attend or who had to miss part of the training, we have a plan for you! Amanda Dunn has worked to flip the information, creating Google forms with embedded video links and other resources.

If you missed the entire training, you will need to complete the online training components, totaling 9 hours. You will also need to attend one make-up meeting on campus for the final 3 hours of credit. The conversations and application of what we learned is some of the most powerful part of the training. Because we believe that the face-to-face discussion and activities are so important, it is required that you participate in this portion of the training.

If you missed part of the training, you will need to attend a make-up meeting on campus for 3 hours towards the time you missed. For example, if you missed the second day and need to make-up the entire 6 hours, you will complete online modules totaling 3 hours and attend a 3-hour meeting on campus. If you missed 3 hours of training, you will need to attend a make-up meeting on campus to receive credit.

There will be a required 3-hour session during a campus professional development day in August for those staff members who:

- Did not attend the full two-day training this summer and did not make-up the hours at a face-to-face meeting

- Were required to attend other professional development for a minimum of 12 hours and did not attend a face-to-face meeting this summer

If you did not attend the training or need to make-up parts that were missed, please send me an email indicating your need. For example, you might say "I missed the Friday afternoon portion". Another example would be, "I had to leave at noon on Thursday." This will help me to get the right modules sent to you for completion. If you were not able to attend any training, an email with that information will also be beneficial so that I can send all of the links and information to you.

I apologize for any confusion - I know that is a lot of information in a pretty rambling way! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me! (

Staff Workday/Hours for 2016-2017

LCISD has adopted standardized workdays for all professional staff members for the 2016-2017 school year.

The work day for certified elementary staff members is as follows:

7:30 - Staff members on campus

7:45 - First bell; students arrive in classrooms

7:55 - Tardy bell

3:20 - Student released

3:35 - Teachers bring late students to office

3:55 - Teachers released

Paraprofessionals will work one of three shifts; the schedule of arrival and dismissal times for paraprofessionals is currently in the final stages of checking...and double-checking...and triple-checking!

Some staff members will assist with a campus duty before or after school; these assignments are being determined by campus administrators based on the needs identified on the campus. The duty schedule will be shared as soon as it is completed.

Plans for Children of Employees

With the new start and end times for elementary/secondary campuses, we have had some questions about the children of employees.

Before school:

Children who attend the secondary campuses will be able to load the buses as they drop off elementary students here at Central. This will occur beginning at 7:15. Secondary students who are picked up on our campus will then ride the bus route picking up other secondary students and then arriving on their respective campuses.

For more information on bus routes or bus numbers for secondary students, please contact Gloria in the Transportation Department at extension 1290.

After school:

The elementary campuses are required to provide after-school care for the children of employees at secondary campuses. Central Elementary will continue to provide ACE academic enrichment programs after school for these students and others on our campus.