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Short track

🇺🇸🔸U.S Women Athletes🔸 🇺🇸

The female athletes that are performing in the short track are Alyson Dudek, Emily Scott and Jessica Smith.

📅History 📅

Short track first appeared in 1988 at the Calgary Winter Games. It became official in Albertville 1992. It also became an integral part of the game which spectators loved the intense competition and speed. It also originated from speed skating and began in Canada and The Untied States of America.

😄Fun/Important facts 😄

⚫️Short track was one of the first sport in The Winter Olympics

⚫️the blades on the skates are very sharp up to 46cm long

⚫️When they complete there are 8 teams of 4 people each

⚫️In short track Germany is the #1 team in the world

⚫️The skates in short track are higher in tradition than regular sports

Speed skating

Monday, Feb. 10th, 3pm

Sochi Russia

Come see all the athletes perform.


Short track is a fast pacing game with 32 people with 4 people at time. There are also teams in a relay with 8 teams. To play you just race around the rink as fast as you can first person to wins.