Samantha Blanton

All About ME!

About Me!


My name is Samantha! I am from Summerville, SC. I graduated from Clemson University in 2010 with a BS degree in Travel and Tourism and a minor in Communication Studies. I am a HUGE Clemson Tiger fan - from football to baseball to track and field - my blood runs orange. I also love Charleston - It is such a beautiful place and I just love to explore (I'm a tourist in my own town). I love to travel, be outside, run and walk with my dogs (I will tell you all about them below), hang out with my friends, and learn. I am very close with my family - see below to learn about them - they mean the world to me!

My Wonderful Family :D!

Continued :D!

My Brother

This is my hilarious Brother, Bray. He is the funniest person ever and is the oldest of the children. He also went Clemson and majored in Professional Golf Management and is the head golf pro at our family golf course. He is married to his high school sweetheart (so weird, his story is almost the exact same as my parents). My sister-in-laws name is Megan - They have been together since I had my very first boyfriend in 9th grade. They have two BEAUTIFUL boys who are my absolute favorite - Boze and Banks. Boze is two, and he is so funny, just like my brother. Banks was JUST born on May 14th, and he is so beautiful. They instantly put me in a good, happy mood and make every day awesome!
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My Dogs :D!!

We have four dogs - They are literally my best friends. Bane, 2 years old, is a black lab mix - he is my happy baby - we run almost every day and he is the sweetest dog who follows me everywhere - He is so smart (he knows how to shake, high five, and look both ways when walking). Gus, 13 (almost 14), is a long haired dachshund - he is my sweetheart who doesn't act like a 13 year old at all - he loves to go walking and on cart rides. Nellie and Brownie are our two girls - Nellie is a short haired dachshund and Brownie is a long haired dachshund - they are so funny, Nellie loves relaxing and could snuggle all day - Brownie is so silly, she loves to play around inside and outside. I truly believe dogs were put on this Earth to show us how to love unconditionally and be happy.

Why do I want to teach?

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